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Sally's Odd at Sea

Think 'Bridget Jones meets Moby Dick'

"We knew we were in trouble when our knickers started

flapping in the wrong direction!"

From the back cover:

With no rowing experience and certainly no sea-going experience, Sally Kettle took to the oars in her ocean rowing boat, Calderdale, in 2003. Fate, however, had other plans, and when illness beset her then boyfriend and teammate she was joined on board by an unlikely partner, Sarah Kettle, her mother. 

After years of arguments and misunderstandings they set off from the Canary Islands in a boat the size of the average bathroom with nothing to do but row, watch whales and grow cress. They passed the hours with the kind of chit-chat that only girls of capable of, discussing the merits of a good pair of cotton knickers, playing eye spy and reading stories to each other at bedtime. 

When they landed in Barbados 105 days later they became the world's first mother-and-daugther pair to row an ocean, having rowed 3000 miles across the giant Atlantic to the West Indies. In the course of their row, they raised over £250,000 for an epilepsy charity, and earned their place in the Guinness World Records 2008. it brought them closer together, and in the the confines of their tiny boat Sally and her mother managed finally to reconcile their past.

If you'd like to order a signed copy of Sally's book do so below, there's also an option to have it dedicated. 


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