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Sally's Odd at Sea

Think 'Bridget Jones meets Moby Dick'

"We knew we were in trouble when our knickers started

flapping in the wrong direction!"

From the back cover:

With no rowing experience and certainly no sea-going experience, Sally Kettle took to the oars in her ocean rowing boat, Calderdale, in 2003. Fate, however, had other plans, and when illness beset her then boyfriend and teammate she was joined on board by an unlikely partner, Sarah Kettle, her mother. . . 

Sally's Odd at Sea is an inspiring, hilarious and real-life account of a daughter and mother's exceptional journey across the high seas, and Sally's subsequent attempt to cross the Atlantic as skipper of the all-girl Rowgirls team. 

If you'd like to order a signed copy of Sally's book do so below, selecting the P&P option you'd like. 

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