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Sally offers a suite of training options -

workshops & webinars, in-person or online.

What Clients Say . . .

"I attended 'Presentation Skills' with Sally Kettle and I wanted to let you know that this was one of the best trainings I've attended - so thank you for organising it and I hope there will be more trainings like this, and more of those with Sally. She's a fantastic, engaging and thoughtful leader, and the inspiration from the session will reach far beyond the topic of the training itself!"



Environmental Psychologist

There are so many parallels to my work as a manager and

how you lead a team"

Helen Musson

Primary Care Strategy Executive - London-wide

"Thank you so much for the brilliant training session, very engaging and very inclusive! I took great advice and I have already had a little chance yesterday to make use of it. We definitely need more of this!"


Daniele Sbaraglia

Associate Partner - Foster + Partners

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