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Do you need time to think things through, with guidance to help you shape your decisions

and action them?

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Coaching Sessions

Sally offers individual and group coaching. 

Sessions can be online, or in-person, depending on your location. 

It's sometimes therapeutic to take some time outside, so if you fancy 'walking & talking', Sally can do that too!

Sessions are usually 90mins, but there's flexibility in timings to ensure they fit in with your lifestyle.


All new coaching clients are invited to a 'Chemistry Session', allowing you to meet and decide if Sally is the right coach for you. 


You can work with Sally to think through any challenge or issue. She has particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Wellbeing 

  • Resilience

  • Managing Stress

  • Recovery from Burnout

  • Transition, Change & Loss 

  • Quarter & Midlife Crises

  • Recovery from a toxic work or personal relationship

What Clients Say

"Recently I changed roles to do something in an entirely different industry, a wholly new type of business (start up) and with no one I knew. I knew I was stepping very far our of comfort zone, and was excited but naturally uneasy. I decided that I wanted and needed coaching.

I set out to find the impossible - someone who would be brutally honest, but who would support me: someone who could help me to not only find my way in this new world, but also guide me in harnessing (and recognising!) my own capabilities: someone who would show me how to channel my questioning nature and (frankly) to put away my own insecurities and set my self and my new role up for success...

Sally did all that and more.

If you are looking for an honest, supportive and confidence building coach, then Sally is your woman."



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