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First Women Exhibition

Sally & Sarah feature in prestigious portrait photography exhibition.

Sally, and her mother, Sarah were invited to feature in a ground breaking new portrait exhibition - First Women.

Photographer, Anita Corbin shot 100 iconic portraits of 21st century women who have achieved the landmark title “First Woman” across a range of fields.

Historical fiction writer, Dame Hilary Mental CBE, Speaker's Chaplain, The Reverend Rose Hudson Wilkin, and House of Commons Serjeant at Arms, Jill Pay are just three of the incredible women included in the exhibition.

The exhibition first showed at the RCA in London, but is now on a UK tour

Sally says,

"My Mum and I are proud and honoured to be amongst these 100 notable women. Anita has created an incredible legacy to inspire young women and girls to pursue their own goals and dreams. The exhibition gives a message that's loud and clear, they can achieve anything!"

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